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In this Mastery Program, you'll learn, practice, and get coached in a complete strategy that puts you in front of opportunity every day.

If you're serious about becoming a consistent trader, I will share the details of a unique and very exclusive opportunity – We've taken a five-star e-learning course, coupled it with personal coaching & mentoring, then allow you daily, live access to our highly trained mastermind group of income traders, and went ahead and stretched this out over three-months for complete immersion. 

That is a lot, but taken together, I believe this targeted combination is the best way to transform you into a highly-successful income trader.

"Brian: So many people chase the market up and down like follow-the-leader . . . that's why what you do is so different and works in all markets!"

This is a bar-setting level of education you won't find anywhere else.

I'm Adrian Manz. After finishing my MBA and PhD 22 years ago, I began my career as a trader and educator. With my credentials and personal trading career, I knew I was uniquely qualified to deliver the skills it takes to master trading quickly and effectively. I have seen a lot of half-baked education out there, none of it focuses on adult learning the way I do to slash the learning curve.

And that is important. Research shows adult learners focus on the relevance of the material. They are actively involved and like to receive immediate feedback to adjust their focus. Adults require real-world benefits from what they learn and practice with the material to fully absorb the content. This program delivers on all counts!  

If you would describe yourself as self-directed, results-oriented, and able to take control of your learning, then this laser-focused program is for you. 

Here's What's Included In This Package

You'll receive:

  • Adrian Manz' Volatility Band Mastery Course 
  • Three-Month Subscription to the NASDAQ Scalper/Around the Horn Plan
  • Three-Month Subscription to online First-Hour Trading War Room
  • Total Value  

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What To Expect As Part Of Your Education

Volitility Bands Mastery Course

This mastery class is designed from the ground up to turn students into experts when it comes to identifying volatility bands with the highest probability of profitable moves.  

Aaron: The AAPL Course is sooooo *@%# good! Put together extremely well. Adrian is a brilliant educator. He's equally as good at teaching as he is at trading. What a valuable piece of education. He teaches you a skill you can use in almost any market in perpetuitiy.

This 6 Module deep dive into volatility band trading turns subjective to science and empowers you with actionable strategies that deliver skill and confidence.  

Brian: Huge fan of the AAPL trade -it is a game-changer!

In the Trading Pit:


Eric: $3 aapl

Greg: $2 on AAPL opening trade

Rhonda: it was a beauty!

Phyllis & Mike: Bummer, I didn't get filled on AAPL.

Aircal: AAPL - wheee!

Greg: Way to go Eric

johnC: made $948 fake $ i would be done 

Richard: AAPL $4.24

Phyllis & Mike: Got $1 on AAPL... I think that's enough, but ....

Phyllis & Mike: Another AAPL, another .80.  Definately stopping today!

Expert Guidance

Nothing is better than having a mentor when learning new material, so we give you daily access to our most experienced traders to propel your understanding. 

Larry: Making $ having fun today. Thanks for your guidance

Working side-by-side with Adrian, Julie, and our most experienced traders is essential to deepen your understanding. Adrian's passion for teaching traders how he uses this strategy makes him a great addition to your Volatility Band Education Package.

Jeff: Thanks Adrian, great counsel this morning- gotta run but got AAPL $1

In the Trading Pit:


Brian: About $3.00 in AAPL today

Eric: I got $2.15 on aapl

Bibbs: I'm up $5 on AAPL

Bibbs: I'm out for the day. $6 on 4 AAPL trades

Adrian: Brian you would have had a great day if you were still working as a Market Maker

Brian: yeah would have killed it but like this MUCH better plus shorter commute

Live Coaching

Plus 3 MONTHS access to live coaching in the First Hour Trading Pit, where alumni are trading the Volitility Band strategy live, along with our other high-probablity trades. Our traders are thriving during usual and unusual times, as they have for many years.

Bibbs: $3 on 3 AAPL trades Long, Short, Long. Done for the day!!! Thanks Adrian 

In the Trading Pit:

Eric: out aapl with $1

Rhonda: 1.76 apple

Phyllis and Mike: Wow, great Rhonda.

Rhonda: :)

Richard: AAPL for 2.63

Brian: Som nice AAPl trades today about $2.7 for me ..done for the day have a good one all good luck

Eric: I got about 50 cents on that one


We are going to GIVE you ONE YEAR of the simulator we use ourselves! One year to practice trades under "live" conditions. It is the simulator we use to continue to hone our own skills, and know it is that important to dramatically shorten the learning curve.

PatC: Logging off for the week. Just want to say thanks. I have turned around my trading. One month of trading, only three losing days

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